NBA官方买球APP Policy & Position Statements

NBA官方买球APP Policy

A statewide, nonpartisan, education-focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, NBA官方买球APP’ activities and informational resources help individuals and communities adopt distributed solar power. We monitor, integrate, and disseminate information and resources, particularly in the areas of policy best practices, workforce training and technology innovation. NBA官方买球APP provides educational information to decision-makers pertaining to any legislation that impacts pro-distributed solar positions for solar development and market growth.

Position Statements 

  • NBA官方买球APP supports the professional, courteous, trustworthy, and ethical conduct of business. More
  • NBA官方买球APP supports compliance with federal, state, and local laws regarding licensing, labor practices, workers’ compensation, insurance, customer-data privacy, data handling, and any other applicable rules or requirements. More
  • NBA官方买球APP supports the safe installation of equipment in compliance with applicable regulations, including building codes, permitting requirements, and equipment specifications.
  • NBA官方买球APP supports recycling and handling solar waste responsibly. For more information:
  •  NBA官方买球APP supports energy justice and energy equity as part of any business that is working in the solar space.
  • NBA官方买球APP supports the installation of  “right-sized” systems that optimize value for customer energy needs and meets electric provider policies. More
  • NBA官方买球APP supports fair labor business practices, equity, livable wages, health insurance and life-work balance for workers.