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For more than four decades, TXSES has been the pre-eminent statewide organization developing free thought-leading, independent, fact-based information and quality educational materials that inspire innovation, share best practices, and inform decision-makers on the critical importance of sound, favorable solar policies that will grow the industry, protect clean air, build healthy, resilient communities, support local, well-paying jobs and lay the foundation for energy independence.

By making a tax-deductible donation to TXSES, you’re ensuring that the voice you have come to depend on, educating Texas communities like yours about the benefits of solar energy, separating fact from fiction, and empowering all of us to exert pressure on our local representatives to act in our collective best interests, will inspire every Texan to adopt solar energy as part of an equitable 100% clean energy future. 

In addition to the PayPal link to donate, we also accept donations by check. Mail to TXSES, P.O. Box 1447, Austin TX 78767-1447. 

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Individual membership  $25.00 – $200.00

Become a TXSES member with an annual donation of $25 (or more). As a TXSES member, you can vote on board members, attend the annual meeting and serve on the TXSES board of directors. 

Gift membership   $20.00

Gift a TXSES membership to a relative, colleague, friend or, if you are a TXSES business member, gift a customer.

Regional chapters

Our five regional chapters work to promote the adoption of solar energy in their communities. If there’s a TXSES regional chapter in your area, consider supporting their work. 

ASES membership $30.00 – $75.00

Established in 1954, the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that advocates for sustainable living and 100% renewable energy. As the U.S. section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), ASES works with individuals and groups around the world to accelerate the transition to a renewable energy and sustainable living society. TXSES is a regional chapter of ASES. 

Individual Memberships: $30 for TXSES members (regularly $45)

Professional Memberships: $75 for TXSES members (regularly $99)
*Professional members are entitled to a discount for attending ASES’s National Solar Conference

Business memberships $150.00 – $1,000.00

Choose from four business membership levels! Take advantage of opportunities to promote your company and create networking opportunities by diversifying our membership and sharing information and best practices. Participate in exclusive events, access data and tools and be part of a powerful collective voice tackling the most important policy decisions facing the solar industry in Texas.

Lifetime membership $1,000.00

As a lifetime member of TXSES, you’re part of a dedicated group of like-minded solar advocates who has made a commitment to improving Texas’s solar outlook for future generations. Your membership brings with it many exclusive opportunities to take part in wide-ranging TXSES-sponsored programs and special events.