Interested in Going Solar?

Solar 101 with Micah Jasuta

Pecan Street solar rooftops Austin TX

Solar rooftops in Austin TX. Credit: Pecan Street

“Solar is my favorite thing to talk about,” says former TXSES board Chair Micah Jasuta. “I’ve worked on multiple sides of the solar industry, from advocacy to design, sales and installation,” he said.

In this hour-long session, you’ll get the ABC’s of solar including how to choose a solar installer. If you’ve been thinking about going solar, this couldn’t be a more timely, valuable opportunity with one of the most knowledgeable in the field. Watch the video.

Other Resources

Homeowners Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar PV
Solar photovoltaic systems put into operation in 2020 will be eligible for a 26% tax credit, and systems put into operation in 2021 will be eligible for a 20% tax credit. After 2021, there will be no residential tax credit unless Congress reauthorizes it, but a tax credit of 10% will be available for installations on commercial property. Energy efficiency upgrades are NOT eligible for the same tax credit. Click here to find out what state, utility, and local incentives you are eligible for. Fact sheet[PDF]

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